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Vashkoda writes...

I was wondering if there are different implications in your answers--"maybe" and "not saying". The former, at least to me, seems to imply that you may not have worked out the answer yet. Then again, rather than "not saying"--which clearly states that you don't want to reveal the answer because it's information that you want to keep secret--saying "maybe" could be your way of hiding the significance of an answer. You don't want to say "not saying", because then the fan will become suspicious that the answer might reveal more than originally thought.

So are there different meanings behind the two answers? I was just wondering because they seem to follow most of my questions of late. =P

Greg responds...

Maybe. :)

O.K. Maybe serves a lot of functions for me. You can't pinhole it that much, because I don't.

Not saying, is pretty self-explanatory.

Response recorded on September 26, 2000