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Ray Kremer writes...

Clearing some things up:

"One question: I saw a scene in the preview that I don't think was in the movie. The villain is cut in half and then mends himself immediately."

Here's a quote from the movies.ign.com review of Endgame:
"(Oh, and if you were going to Endgame to see the cool effects from the trailer -- Kell splitting himself in two, or stopping a sword in mid-air -- then you might want to know that those bits aren't in the movie. I've heard that the effects stuff was cut because they didn't want the big villain to be "super-powerful" -- if Kell could beat Duncan and Connor early on with his superpowers, why not at the big climax? By making Kell simply an immortal that had killed more immortals than anyone else, it levels the playing field and doesn't give him the cop-out of superpowers, but means that Duncan and Connor have to simply be more skilled (their combined effort) to defeat him, not suddenly come into some superpowers. I liked that they changed it, actually, as it makes him a much more believable villain.)"

"And Mr. Freeze, was , by the way a creation -- i'm pretty sure -- of the Adam West Batman series."

I don't remember where I saw it, but on some sort of Batman documentary (webpage? book? TV show?) they showed the cover of the comic with Mr. Freeze's first appearance. He wasn't even Mr. Freeze, he was called Mr. Zero (Captain Zero? Something like that). So I think he does predate the Adam West series. But even then it looks like the cold thing was originally just a gimmick like you said.

Greg responds...

Thanks for the Endgame info. I agree that the super-powers wouldn't have helped. Just better motivation.

But I think that Mr. Freeze thing is a stretch. There have been a TON of "cold" villains, going back at least to the forties. None of them were Mr. Freeze. I'm pretty sure, still, that Freeze was a creation of the Adam West Batman Series.

Response recorded on September 26, 2000