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Ed writes...

Regarding the points raised by Sapphire and Todd regarding a 'Buffy' crossover: although I'm not massively well-versed in 'Buffy' stuff the biggest problem (and quite a big one at that) strikes me as the difference in views of good and evil. 'Buffy', as I see it, takes the footing that there's good and there'd bad, so you kill the bad guys and have a nice day. 'Gargoyles' always picked up on shades of grey though - 'there is good and evil in everybody' being, I suppose, the obvious quote. I don't know if this is misrepresenting 'Buffy' - or even 'Gargoyles'. Greg?

The only characters who strike me as really being evil for the sake of it are Jackal, Hyena, Wolf and maybe Iago. Demona is bad, but we saw her capable of goodness in 'THE RECKONING' and to an extent in 'CITY OF STONE'. Or at least we saw her reasoning. But even the above four characters seem evil by circumstance - Jackal and Hyena seem to be motivated by money and thrills, Wolf by action and the 'thrill of the hunt', and Iago by lust (love?) for Desdemona. But these aren't presented as evil simply because they're demons and that's what they do.

Greg, do you think there is a race that is innately evil?

Greg responds...

I don't, no.

The Buffy Universe has it both ways. They show plenty of well-meaning Demons and vamps, like Angel. Plenty of grey in the Buffyverse. But also plenty of pure evil. Pure good? Well, that's harder to find. Duller too.

Response recorded on November 16, 2000