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ExoLex writes...

Hi. I just have 2 questions and a opinion. I have been following your master plan for quite some time trying to picture it in my head. And please don't take this as an insult or anything, but it keeps getting more and more outragous to me. Alot of my friends also watch the show and we all agree that the most unpleasing parts to watch have always been the parts with gods and things that although were indeed very creative, didn't quite fit in with the original storyline. Now to me at least, the fun of Gargoyles was seeing how this noble race of beings dealt with everyday life and modern villians. I loved the steel clan, I loved the Evil Xanatos, Demona, Macbeth, and the hunters. But when I saw OBERON attacking Castle Wyvern in New York, that was too much. After Avalon, you started to fade off the real-life aspect of the show which made it interesting for alot of people. The same thing happened to the First generation Transformers show, and soon after it ended. Timedancer is a gret idea, however if it was made into a spinoff, I doubt it would have lasted long. I have heard you talk about all these other Gods and Legends you planned on adding to the series, Just once I would like to hear about maybe a rival clan somewhere else in the world or something that has a sliver of a chance of being realistic instead of magical people who are only now showing up in the world. Anyway, that is my opinion and I hope your not insulted because I would never intend that. Now on to my questions:

1. Did you ever have a death scene planned for Hudson?

2. Did you ever have a death scene planned for Goliath?

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

I'm not insulted. But I don't agree. I think the show always strived for a balance between the fantastic and (for lack of a better term) the "ultra-mundane". And though you and your friends may form a pocket consensus that we failed to achieve that balance, I'd guess that the majority of fandom disagrees with you. And even you mention Macbeth as one of the elements you liked. But everything about him, from his origin to motivation to his abilities is right from the side of the fence you say you don't care for.

I won't deny that Oberon-as-King-Kong attacking the Eyrie Building is outrageous. I wanted it outrageous. But I also think we built to it in such a way that the majority of the audience bought into it.

As for the World Tour, that was an intentional attempt to broaden the scope of the series. And yes, that included the fantasy/fantastical. But it also included science fiction elements like Nokkar & Matrix. And I feel the Ishimura Clan was about as realistically presented as the series' concept allowed. And certainly the Guatemalan and London clan stories had a little bit of magic thrown in, but the clans themselves were presented realistically.

But maybe the problem is with that word "realistically". Goliath et al are very real to me, but I don't confuse that with the real world. The whole concept is/was literally "fantastic" from moment one. I feel we maintained that fantasy. You feel we exceeded it. You're absolutely entitled to your opinion. And I respect that. But ultimately, I was creating the series that _I_ wanted to see. I have to go with my gut on this.

But what do the rest of you think?

Finally, regarding the Master Plan, keep in mind that what I've revealed of it tends to broad strokes or answers to the out there questions that fans have asked. That doesn't mean the series would be devoid of that more realistic ultra-mundane story and adventure that always was a mainstay of what we did.

As for your questions, I'm afraid they're on a differnt topic from the rest of this and so must be posted separately.

Response recorded on January 27, 2000