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Vanity writes...

How did the composition for the Gargoyles theme come to be?
Was all music made just for certain situations, (Macbeths 'break-up' scene with Luoch(sp)), or was it lifted from somewhere else???
Was the music made for the characters/scene or did the character/scene just match the music?

Greg responds...

1. We auditioned a few composers. Liked what Carl Johnson was doing. Hired him. And he composed the theme.

2. All the music that aired on the series was composed FOR the series, but once a piece was composed it was put in our Gargoyles' Music Library. Our budget didn't allow for us to score every episode with original music, so our amazing music editor, Marc Perlman, used the Gargoyles' Music Library to edit a score for every episode.

3. Uh... Well, again, Carl composed certain themes that were applied and often reapplied to certain characters. But Marc juggled all this stuff.

Response recorded on June 16, 2003