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Ed writes...

Just a request, something I've been meaning to ask about for ages.

Since the answers shown are only for what you've said in the last few replies, it means that if anybody misses more than a week or so then they have to trawl through all the individual archives. You mentioned that you decide what archives posts go in, so would it be possible to run separate archives just for the last, say, month or so. You know, so you click on "February 2001" for all the posts that month?

I don't suppose it's possible with existing archives, but if it's possible with the ones in future, could you please do something like this? :)

Greg responds...

Yes. It's possible and a good idea.

It's too late for the questions I've already answered today. But it'll work starting now.

The only problem is that the archives are alphabetized.

So I'll start with the year, than the month, numerically.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001