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Melissa Ismail Celestial writes...

Hi Greg! Me again, Mel. Celestial...this time with a request. Do you mind posting your answers(to my questions) to me through melcelestial@hotmail.com? Can't find the light I seek 'cause your answer Archive is so confusing to me! Please!!! I still need to know 'bout the basics in animation of which my best bud and I intend to take this year. We've been dreamin' to animate our own cartoon for years(oh yeah, we've done some major sketches on the story and the characters and I think that we're ready to take it to the screen), so help us in making our dreams a reality? Honestly, your cartoon(The GARGOYLES!!! BIG CHEERS!!!) is the first to inspire me into animation(yeah, I do watch other cartoons, but I like yours the best 'till today!) and my buddy insisted me, or rather convinced me, into the idea. So will ya? Like, tell me about 2D animation and the works? GArgs question shall come later......Thanks! =)

Greg responds...

No. I'm sorry. As I've said over and over before, if I started personally responding to you, how could I justify NOT personally responding to everyone. That would (a) create an overwhelming amount of work for me as people's questions would start to repeat even more than they do now and (b) destroy the effectiveness of this community forum as no one would get to share the answers.

Navigating the archive is incredibly simple, really. Even for a computer illiterate guy such as myself. Go to the "Questions answered archive" link and CLICK. Then choose one of many archives (such as "Animation", a topic you seem interested in) and CLICK on that. Or just ask your question (try and be more specific than "Tell me about Animation", a topic I could spend months on and still not give you everything you need, as I'm not an animator) then check out "Greg's Latest Responses" periodically. Or just click on the archive "RESPONSES 2001 - 2 (Feb)" for answers to almost any question I answered this month. See, Mel, it's not that hard or that confusing. No more excuses.

Response recorded on February 07, 2001