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Jim R. writes...

Would you ever consider attempting a "live chat"? You know, where WE THE PEOPLE get to talk to you in "REAL TIME". (I had to explain REAL TIME to matt, so I guess if you don't understand what I'm trying to say: Think of Yahoo! Chat or AOL Instant Messenger, etc. In other words a BBS that "moves" while you and us talk at the exact same time!) That would be cool, huh? But I guess we would consume you with our questions, and that would leave you utterly helpless to answer them all, right? And I'm guessing that you're thinking "Hence the point of a BBS." Oh well...

Greg responds...

I don't know what Yahoo!Chat or AOL Instant Messenger or BBS is, but I've done multiple real time chats in the past. Many of them next door in the station eight chat room.

The next one I'm doing is for the Gargoyles On-Line Fan Reunion II in April.

Their website isn't quite up and running yet, but you might want to bookmark the following:


I'm told it'll be up any day now.

Response recorded on March 07, 2001