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Oberons Child writes...

Hi Greg,
Well hopefully , you're fairly close to catching up with all the posts by the time you read this!! I just want to (again) say thanks for helping keep Gargoyles alive and kicking (or at least twitching!!)

Anyway, I just have to know: Being from Ireland, I can't go to the Gathering in the USA, so I was wondering if you could put the leica reel of BAD GUYS or some other things from the gathering on the 'net somewhere. Maybe on s8.org!!
Or if you have another suggestion, I'd be glad to listen ( oberons.child@oceanfree.net ) . Please help me out somebody!!

Thanks in advance,
Stephen. (The only irish garg-fan, according to the fan registery!!)

Greg responds...

No. Sorry. I don't WANT to do this. Disney owns BAD GUYS. But I possess the only copy of the final mixed and edited version of the Leica Reel. That's because Disney refused to pay the last $250 bucks to get the thing mixed and I did it out of my own pocket. I need to control this unique item for that reason, on principle. Showing it at each GATHERING is specifically designed to be incentive for people to make the Gathering a destination. It's a little thing, but the exclusivity is important to me, and I'm sure, to Gathering organizers.

Hopefully, someday, you'll either host the convention yourself, or you'll make the trip.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000