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Joe writes...

Hello Greg, first of all, since this is my first time submitting a question to you, I'd like to thank you for creating Gargoyles, and taking the time to answer questions.

Now that that's out of the way....

1) I'm not clear on copyright laws and such, but is there anyway you can have the leica reel of "Bad Guys" published on the web? I'm interested in seeing it, but am unable to attend any Gatherings.

2) I know I should probably watch it and see, but does "Max Steel" contain any Gargoyle references?

Greg responds...

1. Whether or not I'd get in trouble with Disney, isn't the main issue. I DON'T WANT TO PUT IT ON THE WEB. This final mixed version is something special that only I have. I show it at GATHERINGS as a special treat and as a way to encourage people to come. For now, that's how it's going to stay.

2. I'm sorry, Joe, but questions on separate topics must be posted separately.

Response recorded on March 24, 2000