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matt writes...

been a while since i posted, but have no fear, i'm back!
more clan questions too:

1. does the Mayan clan have any remaining relationship with the remnants of the Mayan people still living in central America?

2. about what percentage of the pre-massacre Mayan clan had Zafiro's snake-like body structure? 10%? 25%? 75%?

3. do YOU know who exactly destroyed the Mayan clan and stole the Sun Amulet? it seems to me that it happened sometime in the last fifty or so years and it would of had to been by someone who knows about gargoyles... why else would they bother to destroy them? so if you do know who is responsible, can and will you tell us?

4. are any of the four surviving clan members knowledgeable in astronomy as the ancient Mayan people were?

5. what was the purpose of the pyramid that the Mayan people built that the gargoyles now inhabit? was it ceremonial or used for astonomy or sacrifices or built specifically for the gargs?

6. before the Goliath and co. showed up in Guatemala in "The Green" did the Mayan clan know of any other garg clans? did they think they were the last and only gargoyles?

Greg responds...

1. Any? Sure.

2. I'm not big on quantifying those kinds of things.

3. I know exactly when. It was stated in the episode as fairly recent. And yes, I have a fairly good idea who was responsible.

4. Uh, sure.

5. Uh, yes.

6. They were not in contact, but they might not have had as much reason to believe they were the only ones left. But that's a good question.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001