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FanForLife writes...

Hi, Greg, hate to pester you more, but it's what I'm particularly good at. First I want to say thanks for taking the time to look twice at our questions, and to those who criticize you for giving "smart ass" answers I say this----"HIS SHOW HIS RIGHT! LEAVE HIM ALONE!! YOU'RE LUCKY HE EVEN TAKES THE TIME OUT OF HIS INCREDIBLY BUSY SCHEDULE TO EVEN LISTEN TO OUR WHINING, SO GET OVER IT!!" Okay, now for my question, hehe:

1. Do you know what Titania said to Fox or is it something you thought you could come up with later, kind of leave it open?

2. If you do know what it was, did you have any plans for revealing it in the future or were you keeping it bottled up indefinitely?

3. Last question: If you do know what she whispered to Fox, will you please tell us one single word from what she whispered--just one single word? (That is, assuming it wasn't a single word in the first place, then it would be a little pointless to ask you to say, huh;))

Thanks Greg. I know you get pestered a lot about this, but it's only cuz we CARE! hehe Love the show and thanks! Take it easy!

Greg responds...

1. I know what I think she said.

2. Most likely, the latter.

3. Not today. Probably never.

Response recorded on August 21, 2003