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matt writes...

1. in "The Edge" the city first begins to really think about gargoyles living in Manhatten, but they are reassured that the gargoyles were just robots. so why is it that when "Hunters Moon" takes place and the gargoyles are exposed (again) the public largely believes the media?

2. could their belief have alot to do with many people seeing (or having a friend, cousin or dentist who has seen) gargoyles and their consistent coverage in "The Daily Tattler" and police reports, etc?

3. was the film the Canmore's taped of the Clan leaving the destroyed Clocktower so obviously a film of living creatures that the idea of robots was absurd?

4. after "Hunters Moon" were there still many people who doubted the existence of gargoyles?

Greg responds...

1. It was the seemingly irrefutable nature of Jon's footage, something that (as you may recall) Travis Marshall was unable to get in "The Edge".

2. It certainly helps.

3. Pretty much. Though I dare say that there were many people out there who still thought it was a hoax. Though ironically, they were incorrect.

4. Uh... I gotta start reading all the questions before I answer.

Response recorded on October 24, 2003