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Todd Jensen writes...

When/if the London gargoyles are revealed, would the human public recognize them quickly to be the same kind of creature as the Manhattan gargoyles? The London gargoyles look quite different from Goliath and his clan, after all, resembling heraldic animals with feathered (rather than leathery) wings. Would it be possible for the human public to initially believe them to be a different species from the New York gargoyles? (I suppose that this question is, in part, inspired by the occasional speculation over whether a visitor from another planet would recognize a chihuahua and a St. Bernard, or a French poodle and a bulldog, as being the same kind of animal).

Greg responds...

I like the dog question. It certainly applies here. I don't have a monolithic answer for you. Some would get it. Some would not. Some would have it explained. This is all very hypothetical anyway. We don't know the context of the "revelation" in London. And, keep in mind, London gargoyles are already (as of the end of M.I.A.) a worst-kept local secret. My assumption has been that many people know about these "creatures", but keep it quiet because they do so much good in the Soho neighborhood. How long that lasts after the American news reports in "Hunter's Moon, Part III" and "The Journey" is hard to say.

Response recorded on August 27, 2003