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LanaChan writes...

Dear Greg,

Hi! I'm a long time fan of _Gargoyles_, but it's been a *looooong* time since I've asked a question here. But looking at some not-so-old answers I just have to ask a couple. I hope this has not been directly asked yet, as it seems to have been skirted.

1) You have mentioned on several occasions that Lexington would have a mate, but have been sketchy on the question of children. This on top of the fact that you answered questions about Brooklin's mate and biological children. This leads me to simply have to ask and I am prepared to take a smart-ass answer if I am *WAAAAAAAAY* in left field here...

Was Lexington going to have a girlfriend?

2) How was Lex going to meet his mate anyway? Just curious there! ^.^


Greg responds...

There are some secrets I still want to keep or skirt or whatever.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001