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Spacebabie writes...

Not really a question, more of a gathering journal.
Upon arriving at the airport we noticed the line for Airtran was too long. Dad figured my large suitcase could fit overhead. We said farewell at the Scanner. After I went through they checked me out with the wand. Damn Underwire!
I got checked out again before I got on my flight. Went through my suitcase, bags and shoes. (Thank You Mr Reed)

The Flight was allright. Pretzels and diet soda for a snack. Got off and met Leo and his brother, Ed. We chatted while waiting for Revel.
After getting our room keys we bumped into more gathering members in the Lobby. Some remember me from 2000. Leo, Edward, Revel and I had dinner.

Walking back from the resteraunt it started to rain, so we sped up. We decided to lounge in the lobby and talked with the people there. The people behind the desk asked us to either be quiet or go to the pool.

I went to the pool, the water wa freezing. Mostly talked in the water with other gathering member. Afterwords I redressed bought a soda and talked some more. Went outside and heard some good stories. Mostly involving Walmat and Red necks.
Then I went to bed. Mooncat did not show up that night.

Okay I do have a question. How was your flight?

Greg responds...

Who remembers?

Actually, I think I had a nice set of flights to Virginia, passing through Atlanta and hooking up with Kathy Pogge. We got in very late, as I recall.

Response recorded on May 04, 2004