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jp12@mail.csuchico.edu writes...

How can I get a hold of those scripts that were written for Team Atlantis? All the interviews make it sound like good stuff. I also admit I'll get excited about the straight-to-video release only when I see it on a shelf (not that Disney changes plans once they're announced, right?). If there is any way to get copies (digital or otherwise) please respond with the information. You guys worked too long on it for the stuff to vanish (I read you even did the voice recordings for a dozen and a half episodes). It's a real shame. Thanks for your time. It is appreciated.

Greg responds...

As far as I know, there's no way for you to get copies of the scripts. But the DVD release is out there. It's called "Atlantis: Milo's Return" and collects three episodes from the series that never was along with a framing device. Personally, I'm not wild about the frame, but the picture (or rather the three pictures) are pretty cool.

Response recorded on January 21, 2004