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Todd Jensen writes...

I liked your latest instalment of the "Roswell Conspiracy" Bible, with the description of the various alien races. (I got a special chuckle out of the description of the Vinae. I might have known that you'd include something like that in there somewhere).

I also had fun identifying the various "mythical originals" of the alien races. (Most of them did make it into the cartoon that actually aired, based on what I saw of it, though I only saw a few episodes, and so can't be certain that they *all* made it in - the finished product included a few extra ones, such as a voodoo-mythology-related race, and I read that they also included an "Aesiri" race, numbering Odin and Loki among its members, and a "Minotaur" race with "Cerberus" hunting-dogs, though I never saw the episodes that they appeared in).

Greg responds...

I'm trying to remember why i called them Vinae. I know I had a reason, but it escapes me at the moment.

Response recorded on March 12, 2004