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Vashkoda writes...

Hey Greg. I'm sorry to bother you with the "who are Samson's parents" question again, but I figured I'd give it another shot, because for some odd reason, I *do* care about the answer. When I asked the first time, someone in the CR (sorry--I forget who) noted that considering the ages of Artus, Gwen and Lancelot, of the three, Samson could only be Lance's son. I figured that this was probably true, but because in the Gargoyles universe, there are many ways to affect time (living on Avalon, using the Phoenix Gate, magic, etc), there was still the possibility that Samson could be the child of one of the others. In your response, you had said that you couldn't tell us whose son he is, and that you "don't know anymore". Well if you honestly don't remember, please tell us whether his parents or his egg spent any time on Avalon, danced with the Phoenix Gate, or underwent any experience that caused time to flow differently for them?

Greg responds...

Whoever said that in the comment room is just wrong.

Samson may be Lance's biological son, or he may be Artus or Gwen's biological grandson.

I don't know. Largely because I don't care. It's not that I've forgotten. I basically shifted gears. Originally Samson was Lance. That is he was Angela and Broadway's youngest biological child. But once I moved him off that position and down a few rookery generations, it no longer mattered. The only reason we even know that he's descended from Angela and Broadway is because of the extremely strong resemblance to Goliath. Otherwise, he's just one of the clan's "eggs".

As to your actual question -- well -- I'm not making any promises one way or another.

Response recorded on August 15, 2001