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F7 Addict writes...

This one is purely out of personal curiousity.

Given the fact that Gargoyles are warm blooded, have mammatory glands (for those who fell asleep in Anatomy, look at Demona and Angela to figure out what the m glands are), and lay eggs, it's safe to assume that genetically they are closer to the infamous duck-billed platypus than humans. (another argument against the Goliath/Elisa issue)

Was this done on purpose or am I reading too much into it?

Greg responds...

I think "those who fell asleep in Anatomy" would have better luck looking up "mammary glands" than "mammatory glands."

I'm not sure what you're reading into it. What was done on purpose was the idea that Gargoyles are a separate species. Not specifically platypusian. Gargates, I think we've been calling them.

Response recorded on May 30, 2003