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Shan writes...

No clue where you're going to file this one, probably "Random Stuff," since JEM seems like the only project you've done that doesn't have its own category *sniffle*

(no, it's OK, really)

Anyway, there's one thing I've always wanted to know regarding your "Video Wars" episode. Do you remember how it was decided which song would be reused from the existing song library? I'm referring to "Like A Dream," which appears in Act One. That song has the distinction of having appeared THREE times in the series, and in the case of "Video Wars," what the song's about isn't crucial to the plot. Why use that song a third time when there were others that hadn't even been used twice?

It's OK if you don't remember this. But it's bugged me for years.

However, it is worth nothing that both the other occurences were in episodes written by Christy Marx. While Roger story edited the first episode that song appears in (and also story edited your & Cary's episode), Christy Marx story edited herself on the other episode. Maybe they just didn't manage to compare notes as to what had been used.

I'm going to ask Christy for her take too, but sometimes her memory's lousy on the fine points.

Greg responds...

We didn't decide anything about the songs. As we were instructed, our scripts would stop and say something like: SONG GOES HERE. We'd sort of describe what needed to happen in the song, but that's it. And we were aware that whenever possible, they'd reuse.

And just for you I'll give JEM its own category. But keep in mind, all I did for that series was co-write one episode freelance. I know almost nothing about it.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001