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Jim R. writes...

Some disturbing news came to my attention: That the estimated Gathering population is only 31% of its 500 person goal. Those numbers are bad for LA. Perhaps when they bring it back to VA Beach on the "East Coast" again, more people will attend. Maybe me.

Greg responds...

Jim, the numbers could definitely be better. Though you should keep in mind, that L.A.'s pre-paid membership sales have ALREADY topped attendance (both pre-paid and walk-ins) from each of the previous four gatherings. And we're still four+ months out from the L.A. convention.

Of course, our goal is to top attendance of all four previous gatherings COMBINED. That'll be tough. But with walk-ins, I bet we're darn close.

Now obviously, I'd like to see Virginia Beach do just as well or even better. But there's no doubt in my mind that L.A. is going to be the biggest and best Gathering so far. (Really, you don't want to miss it.)

Response recorded on February 22, 2001