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Tazz writes...

Hi, Greg, I first wanna say that I think you did a wonderful job with Gargoyles. The plots were wonderful for the whole family--not just kids. It's an educational experience for sure! So thank you for bringing it to life and sharing it with all of us. And my question is this--I looked in the archives, but couldn't find where someone has asked this, so I really hope I looked hard enough, but I was wondering where I could view an the original drafts of Goliath--for example, you said that Mr. Guurr(sp?) had made the basis for Goliath's form. Is there any way to see it? I'm very curious how Goliath originally was drawn, and how he evolved into the person we see now. Thanks so much, Mr. Weismann, and I hope I haven't annoyed you. Thanks! Tazz.

Greg responds...

Not annoyed, but I don't have any of that old development art. Disney has it. Sorry. Maybe if you come to the Gathering in L.A., will try to give it all a holiday from the archives for a bit.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001