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(the guppi) writes...

You're a crazy man, Greg, but you're my kind of crazy. :)

If you're still in the mood after judging the flood of LIGHTBULB CONTEST entries, i thought you might also enjoy some related excerpts from an old thread on the Gargoyles mailing list, as compiled by Marcos "Tony" Rawlings. It _does_ contain a couple of references to characters from the TGS fan project, but they aren't too hard to skirt around if you're feeling cautious. (ImHO it'd be a shame to pass all of 'em up -- some are absolute rip-snorters.) Whether you do decide to give it a peek or not, the listmembers' take on Fang's joke can be found at http://www.spottycat.com/marlos/lightbulb.html . Good luck with the contest, and happy reading?

Greg responds...

As a matter of policy, I have to pass. But thanks.

Response recorded on April 29, 2002