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Zarok writes...

First Greg let me say how honoured I am to by the first poster in the new Space-Spawn category. One of the reasons I'm so fixated with the Space-Spawn is that the more I learn about them the more questions I have. A perfect example of this is the revelation that the Space-Spawn have two gods. As soon as I heard this dozens of questions started popping in my head. The key one being would the Space-Spawn gods be subject to your 'all things are true' policy? If so then the implications are mind boggling, I mean you said alien magic would be a sophisticated concept but alien gods that's really something. Now on with the questions…

1) Do the Space-Spawn gods actually exist?
2) If so did they come into existence before or after the Space-Spawn themselves?
3) What's their opinion of the war?
4) What's their opinion of each other?
5) If you decide to use them, do you predict any S&P problems? I mean Anubis and Odin are okay cause they are real mythological figures (hey I made an oxymoron!) and you can claim educational value but I doubt the folks who accuse Gargoyles of promoting devil-worship will take too kindly to the Space-Spawn gods.

Greg responds...

1. I'm not saying at this time.
2. The legends say before. That's all I will say now.
3. I'm not granting the premise of the question, though I'm not disputing it either.
4. In the legends, they are adversaries.
5. I don't understand why I would have any S&P problems creating two fictional gods for a fictional alien race. (You do know that the Space-Spawn are fictional, right?)

Response recorded on January 12, 2004