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The Cat writes...


Well, this question is about Mirror. Okay Elisa Maza looks like the actress that does her voice, in fact a rather amazing simularity given the fact that it is animated.

Anyway, when I met you, Jeff, Thom and Bill I noticed how much Thom looks like Lexington, once again a rather amazing simularity given the fact that the show was animated and Lexington is a gargoyle, but when the gargoyles turned human Lexington didn't look anything like Thom. Why was that? I mean I can understand Broadway not looking anything like Bill considering that Broadway is fatter, but Lexington shouldn't have changed that much. I mean, when Lex was turned human he lost all that baby fat on his cheeks, Thom(amazingly enough)has still retained some if not most of his(Lucky dog).

Well, that's about it. Thanks for answering all these questions. It must get annoying when your asked the same question over and over again. If I have asked a question that some one else has already submitted, forgive me. I could not find it.
The Cat

Greg responds...

Actually, we did model human Lex on Thom. (Maybe he was thinner then. You met him a few years later. But don't tell him that I said that.) We also tried to push Hudson, Goliath, Brooklyn and Broadway in as much of an Ed, Keith, Jeff and Bill direction as we could given the limitations set by what the individual gargoyles looked like.

And yes, Elisa was modelled on Salli.

Response recorded on April 08, 2004