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Ricardo from Portugal writes...

Dear, Mr. Weisman,

I checked the archives and I didn't find any answer to this question.

I would like to understand something very confusing about the Archmage:

If he was saved by "his future self" when he fell from the precipice in the "Long Way to Morning", so the "present self" obviously survived to get the talismans and became the "future self" and rescue his "past self" and beginning the cycle.

But how did the present self got the talismans if they had to "remain in play", since history could not be changed? Did someone else from the future give them to him?

I would like to clear this out… I cannot think of any logic explanation for the Archmage appearing with the talismans unless they were given to him by someone else from the future besides his future self.

If this is too much confusing then I am sorry, but I think you understand my question…

And pleeeeeease, give me an answer, I don't mind waiting… just don't ignore me…

Thanks, Ricardo

Greg responds...

All right, let's start here (assuming you really didn't mind waiting and are still checking in and reading this). I don't IGNORE anyone, as you've implied or stated in your last two posts.

You're questions (in the past) may have been kicked for breaking one or more of our rules. Or I may not answer them to your satisfaction (intentionally or otherwise). But I never ignore a question.

Secondly, you checked the archives, but did you watch the episode attentively? The Archmage got the talismen from the Weird Sisters. It happens on screen. I understand that some people are confused by the time loop, but this seemed pretty straight-forward to me, unless I don't understand your question.

Response recorded on September 08, 2004