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The Nique writes...

This maybe could have gone with my other questions but I didn't think of it till last night...

I know that Timedancer was the furthest along from being made and Bad Guys was the closest, right? Right.

So what if Gargoyles comes back.. and you still want to do the spinoffs but you can only make one? Would you choose badguys becuase it's furthest along or would you chose a different one for other reasons? Personally, I'd hope you'd pick Timedancer cause I'd so love to see it =D. Time Traveling Brooklyn sounds fun!

Greg responds...

We did the most work on Bad Guys and the least on TimeDancer, that's correct.

But you're positing a hypothetical I can't answer without more parameters. This stuff is never up to me. It has much more to do with what I can sell to upper management.

Response recorded on September 09, 2004