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John writes...

Hi Greg,

>>Diego writes...

Why don't you throw a brick through Eisner's window, then when he looks at the brick, he sees it's not a brick, but a small statue of Goliath. Then he'll have no choice but to bring back the show.

Greg responds...

You must have taken Logic in school.<<

Best awnser in years! ;D

So, just read through your newer comments, and there's something the got my eye: When people ask you NOW about what you think, if the show 'll ever have new EPs, you awnser "I guess." Years ago (at least 1) you still awnsered that question with the usual, "Well, looks bad..." kinda awnsers, but that changed now. So, do you think that with the DVDs out (when you'll get this they're surely out) it might be easier to convince whoever to retake the show and make new EPs?

Thanks for awnsering,
CU, John

Greg responds...

easier, but still not a slam dunk...

Response recorded on February 23, 2005