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Phoenician writes...

It's me again. Sorry for asking you a second time, especially on 9/11, yet I was reading in the Oringinal Ask Greg Archives and I found a question refering to the Phoenix Gate and a Gargoyle's clothing/uniform. This made me wonder-> In Vows we see Demona and Goliath break (Demona really broke it, but they were together, Man!) the Phoenix Gate in two in 984 A.D. In 1994 (or is it 1995 by the time we hit Vows?) we notice Goliath still has his half. How/Where did he keep it for ten years until the Massacre? And if he kept it in that pouch we see in the Avalonian Odyssey, did the Gate remain unstone even though (if) it was in the pouch? If not, did it turn to stone for a thousand years? If it did, did it turn to stone daily when Goliath reclaimed the whole Gate in the Avalonian Odyssey? I just find this odd that the Phoenix Gate's journey through time may have involved turning to stone.

Greg responds...

I doubt it turned to stone, though the pouch holding it certainly did.

Response recorded on May 18, 2005