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Phoenician writes...

Hey Greg,

I'm was just wondering: What does Xanatos Enterprises actually do anything in a business like way?
I know it's rival is mainly Cyberbiotics (Especially in "Outfoxed" when its seen that destroying Reynard's company would let Xanatos monopolize the industry), and that company deals with robots and such, but does Xanatos do any business besides SteelClan Robots, The "Cold" androids (Such As ColdStone, ColdFire, and ColdSteel), The Illuminati, Gen-U-Tech, Pack Media, and other shady Deals? The Matrix may be one, but I'm not sure, seeing Anastasia Reynard/Titania in that episode makes me think of Cyberbiotics.

Greg responds...

The Matrix was not a Cyberbiotics project, but a Xanatos Enterprises project.

XE is a multi-national conglomerate. The fact that its Scarab Corp subsidiery secretly manufactures Steel Clan Robots, doesn't prevent Scarab from being involved in more legit robotic endeavors, such as RECAP.

And the fact that Gen-U-Tech, another subsidiary, secretly manufactures Mutates, doesn't prevent it from doing legitimate and profitable genetic and medical research.

Xanatos also owns PackMedia and PackMedia Studios, producing legit television programming.

And etc., etc.

With David, nothing's ever wasted.

Response recorded on July 01, 2005