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matt writes...


1. you mentioned a LONG time ago that Castle Wyvern was built so quickly (only four years, 971-975) because there was a lot of help from the Archmage and gargoyles, and because there was existing ruins on the site to build on. who built the structure that would become those ruins?

2. where the ruins the ruins of a castle or something else?

3. before Malcolm and Hudson formed their alliance, was there a rookery already existing under the ruins?

4. did the Wyvern Clan roost at these ruins before the alliance with Malcolm?

5. do the ruins have anything to do with all the artifacts, carvings and structures in the Archmage's cave?

6. both Demona and Angela discovered carvings of humans attacking gargoyles in the Archmage's cave. what did those carvings mean? why were they there? were they meant to be recorded images, like a history or were they prophetic...?

7. when the New Wyvern Clan is founded, where will they roost? will they rebuild a structure or just live on the cliffs or...?

thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. I'm not answering that at this time.

2. It depends on how you define castle.

3. Yes.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. I'm not answering that at this time.

7. Rebuild a structure.

Response recorded on July 08, 2005