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Gargoyles Fanatic writes...

Gargoyles has easily been my favorite animated series since it's birth. I've just discovered this website today, and can't restrain myself from asking the simple question of: Will Gargoyles ever been continued in anyway some day? Tv or book? It would be the greatest thing since.. Gargoyles hit tv. Also, I've looked, probably not hard enough, but do any novels based on the series or otherwise exist? If so, I would love to get some.
A tremendous amount of thanks in advance.

Greg responds...

Slave Labor Graphics and Creature Comics.com has tentatative plans to start up a GARGOYLES comic book in the coming year. Keep an eye out here for more info.

There are no Gargoyles novels that I'm aware of, but I'd love to write one.

Response recorded on July 11, 2005