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Phoenician writes...

Hi Greg,

I simply have to ask -- Did you really help make "Bionicle: Mask of Light The Movie"? This may be not be related to Gargoyles, but I'm a fan of both and I can't believe you did both . . . if you did that is.

I saw it on the credits and my brother and I were just shocked to see your name.

PS. To Mak and Matt who wrote before today, Goliath didn't have the Phoenix Gate to take his clan out of 994, he only had 'half' of it, Demona had the other half. He couldn't change the past either once he retrieved the other half (Remember 'Vows'); A reminder of 'Bushido:' "Gargoyle must not fight Gargoyle." This may not be the case in all clans, but it should hinder alot of potential conflict.

Greg responds...

I'm not sure why you find it so hard to believe, but yes, I share story credit on "Mask of Light" with Bionicle creator Bob Thompson and with writers Alistair Swinerton (as Brit a name as I've ever heard) and my pal Henry Gilroy. I had a great time working on that project (though I wasn't on it long as a Lego executive fired me because she believed I was being disresepctful, which I wasn't) and some of my ideas do survive into the final product.

Response recorded on July 14, 2005