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Michael Regan writes...

Greg, I write from the U.K after reading the news of Gargoyles being released on DVD in 2004, and well you've probably had everyone asking about it, are there any chances of me being able to get a copy here in the U.K, or will I have to get mine posted from the U.S.
Anyway, I think its great, I loved the series so much and do miss it, ever though I only saw just three seasons of it here I still love it.

Greg responds...

There only WERE three seasons of it, so I think you saw it all.

Anyway, the DVD did come out in 2004, with another DVD due in the winter -- hopefully.

You'll have to tell me whether or not you were able to track it down in Britain. But you can always get it through Amazon.com.

Response recorded on July 21, 2005