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Hardwing writes...

1.Who is better trained in magic, the Archmage of 984 or Demona anno 1994?
2.Did the clan learn of Demona learning magic by the Archmage in the Dark Ages? If yes what was their reaction? I'm just asking since neither Goliath nor Brookly seemed very surprised by seeing Demona using magic.
3.Why has the Archmage taught Demona magic? I mean as selfish as he was he wouldn't do it for nothing and having a gargoyle around who is trained in magic (or anybody else for that) is dangerous. Was it sort of quid pro qou, Demona helped him by his rituals and he trained her?
4.Did the Archmage have a large effect on Demona's personality? I mean from 971 to 975 she was still young and easy to influnce.

Just in general. simple delete questions which don't make sense or completly off topic and if a question is asked too often ignore it. So you have more time for the serious fans.

Greg responds...

1. It's an interesting question. Demona's certainly had years to study... but she's also not the most focused or patient of students, whereas I believe the Archmage would have been mono-maniacal in his pursuit of the Dark Arts.

2. I don't think they did.

3. It's a pretty standard master/apprentice set up.

4. I'm sure he had an influence -- taught her an appreciation of power. But I doubt she'd acknowledge that influence.

Response recorded on July 25, 2005