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Entity writes...

When gargoyles scale a battlement, they like to just throw their talons into the rock like there is no tomorrow, chipping away at the solidity every time. They do this night after night, and my question is, how were Wyvern's walls, battlements and towers still standing after years of this abuse? This may seem like a question meant to stump you on an aspect of the show we were invited to turn our cheeks to, but I have got to say, almost 10 years later I'm eating perogies and I start jabbing my plastic fork into the Styrofoam container and wonder... this just isn't going to go away! I need to know!

Greg responds...

Sigh. If you need to know that badly, suggest an answer that works for you, and I'll see if it makes sense to me too.

Cuz the honest truth is... not something I dedicated any mental time to.


Response recorded on August 29, 2005