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Twin_Kitten writes...

Um Hi. I saw a post about why we like gargoyles? and i wanted to answer..

I like all sorts of 'dark' things i read lots of vampire and witch books and your cartoon was awesome when i was little and i think it was a nice way of introducing those concepts to me. I wish there were more new episodes, and that the show was on lots more. I loved the charicters most of all, i still do. I used to sit in front of the tv and then during the commercials i would pretend i was part of the show then when it came back on i would sit down again. My favorite charicter of all was Brooklyn, he always reminded me of myself, and i would just like to thank you for creating the show.


Greg responds...

You're very welcome. I know it's been almost two years since you posted this, but I hope you've stuck around, grabbed up a DVD, and are waiting for the next DVD and the comic series. I say all this not simply to separate you from hard earned cash, but because if you loved the show, it's currently a pretty exciting time to be a gargoyle fan.

Hope to see you at a Gathering too.

Response recorded on September 13, 2005