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Diandra Bellerose writes...

please, please, please tell me why you just cann't give me the anwser to, "can you compare Anansi and Raven the tricksters?", without makeing me do some thing for you cause I cann't put up with it.

Greg responds...

Wow. You just like totally read my mind. It's like you knew I was going to answer with a smart-ass response two years before I even read your question.

I'm tempted to ask you to jump up and down on one foot while reciting the "Ryme of the Ancient Marineer".

And I'm tempted to be affronted about your "I cann't put up with it" attitude.

But what the heck...

I'm not sure exactly what you hope to see here, assuming your still here two years later...

But I see Raven as being nastier, more power-hungry. I see Anansi as more of a hedonist. Lazy and gluttonous.

How's that?

Response recorded on October 21, 2005