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gipdac writes...

I’ve always been very interested in the Archmage. I really love his transformation from a kind of one-dimensional villain in “Long Way ‘til Morning” to a character with such an interning as in “Avalon” (and to a lesser extent “Vows”). And I absolutely love the idea of Archmage Plus being a villain in the Timedancers and G: 2198 series.
I also really enjoy the Magus. When he first appeared in “Awakening” I was really mad at him, but when he die at the end of “Avalon”, I was amazed at the huge change that had occurred in my perception of his character. He became such a tragic hero.
Anyways, because of my interest in these characters, some questions have come to mind,
1. When did the Archmage first come to live at Castle Wyvern?
2. Why did the Archmage start to “work” for Malcolm?
3. When did the Magus become Archmage’s apprentice?
4a. What is Archmage’s real name? 4b. What is Magus’ real name?
5. When was the Archmage born?
6. When did the Archmage discover the ruins and megalith in the caverns near Wyvern?
7a. Did Magus know about the magical ruins in the Archmage’s lair? 7b. Did he know about the Archmage’s plans for "ultimate power"?
8. Did Archmage deduce that use of the Gate, the Eye and the Grimorum together would give him the "ultimate power" or did he find the information from an outside source (i.e. another Sorcerer or magic book)?

Greg responds...

1. Well, I suppose it depends how you define "Castle" Wyvern... but the answer is 971.

2. He made a strategic alliance.

3. 982.

4a&b. I don't know or can't remember.

5. 914.

6. That I'm not revealing.

7a. Define "lair"..

7b. I'm not revealing this either.

8. Outside source.

Response recorded on December 01, 2005