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DPH writes...

It's me, again, with a whopper of question.

Will you please list the following events in chronological order:

1)Nokkar arrives on Earth
2)Mayan Sun Amulet is made
3)Last Member of the Lost Race dies.
4)Nokkar's race came into existance
5)The structures in the caverns below where Castle Wyvrn and the various pictures were created/drawn
6)Gargoyles's Spell of Humility was cast
7)New Olympus is founded
8)Puck is born

Greg responds...

1. 400 A.D.
2. 990 A.D.
3. I choose not to reveal this now.
4. I have no idea. Long ago. Long before 802 B.C. This is probably the oldest thing on your list.
5. I choose not to reveal this now.
6. 10 A.D.
7. I don't know exactly, but before 3 B.C.
8. Don't know exactly but before 1300 B.C..

Response recorded on December 02, 2005