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Rayna writes...

Hi Greg-

First let me thank you and the rest of the Gargoyles team for the series. I have been a fan since it debuted. Truthfully, whether or not this actually gets posted doesn't concern me, but I just read a post/reply about writing novels. DAW Books is always encouraging submissions, so here is the link:


It gives all the instructions for your submission. Once again thanks and I finally saw the "sneak peek" for W.I.T.C.H. and if it holds true, I look forward to seeing Season 2.

Greg responds...

You seem to be under the assumption that I've written a novel to submit. But I haven't. Given that it's a property that I do not own, I can't justify spending the time to write an entire novel on spec, in the hopes that some publisher will want it so much that they will not only pay me but they will also pay Disney to let them publish it (the latter being a not unconsiderable sum, I'd guess).

Response recorded on September 15, 2006