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matt writes...

lets assume that you were given the rights and blessings to write and publish a novel based on Gargoyles. what would be your first choice to write the novel about? would it be one of the prequels, sequels or spinoffs or do you have another story in mind? what story would you most like to tell?

Greg responds...

I have so many stories fighting for attention in my head gargoyle-wise. Really. It's one of the hardest things about the comic book. Deciding what to tell first.

But if the project were a novel, I'm starting to think that my first choice would be "Dark Ages".

For some reason (witness "Three Brothers" and the recent snippet from "Hyppolyta"), I seem to think of Dark Ages in prose terms.

But ultimately, I find hypotheticals like this pointless. In real life, no decision is made in this kind of vaccuum. I'd relish the chance to do a novel -- any novel -- set in the gargoyles universe.

Response recorded on November 10, 2006