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Doop writes...

Hi. First of all, I want to say that I really enjoyed the Gargoyles series and Demona was, imo, the best character in the show, and one of the best in television. She was a very interesting and complex character.

1) Were you ever planning on having Demona redeem herself, or at least becoming an anti-hero type character?
2) What would it take for her and Macbeth to forgive eachother? Could they ever?
3) In "City of Stone", did the people she smash stay dead? No one noticed anything odd when they woke up (ala 'Where's so-and-so?" or "What are these piles of of stones?") and the couple she smashed appeared in later episodes.
4) Would Marina Syrtis be willing to play her again if/when Gargoyles was renewed?
5) What did Demona think of stuff like the Holocaust or slavery? I know it probably confirmed her beliefs on the evil of humanity, but did she feel sorry for the victims involved?
6) If mutants existed in the Gargoyles universe (ala like the X-Men) would she consider them human or another type of species?
7) When Demona said her virus would 'wipe out all intelligent life', does that mean the other animals would be left unscathed?
8) Why would Xanatos work with Demona if he knew she was anti-human?
9) Why did Macbeth consider betraying her? He wouldnt have considered betraying his son or wife. What would he have said if Demona confronted him about it?
10) Was she entirely at fault for creating the hunter, or did scratching his face merely unleash the evil from within?
11) If she still loved Goliath, why did she always push him away when he tried reaching her (i.e 'Vows')?
12) Did you ever plan on giving her a 'happy ending?'


Greg responds...

1. Yes (assuming she isn't already an anti-hero of sorts), in 2198.

2. Not getting into this now.

3a. Yes. 3b. NO THEY DIDN'T. I've answered this many times. That woman was a brunette, and that man was wearing a toupee.

4. I'd like to think so.

5. Generally, I think your first statement is correct. Whether or not she felt individual pity has a lot to do with how close she got to the action, which I'm not commenting on at this time.

6. Not big on hypotheticals, but I'd guess she'd consider them human.

7. That was her theory... assuming she thought it out at all.

8. They were using each other until City of Stone.

9. He never considered it. He chose an inopportune time to teach his son a lesson about HEARING people out. To be fair, he didn't know Demona was listening.

10. Yes.

11. She hates Goliath. Deep down, she loves the Goliath of her imagination. But the real thing is a disappointment to her.

12. No comment.

Response recorded on November 16, 2006