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Torvik writes...

Hey Greg. My sister and I have NO PROBLEM shopping for each other at Christmas. We just get each other the latest Garg DVD release. (We won "Best Couple" at the Montreal Gathering ~ Fox & Xanatos a la 'Eye of the Beholder'.)
Watched/listened to the 'City of Stone' commentary last week. I think the BEST part was hearing you laugh. There was something about it that showed you 100% at ease. You were comfortable, and everything you were saying flowed unhindered from within you. No masks. No false pretenses. It was clear that you were really enjoying yourself, and that helped me to enjoy what you were saying so much more. Even if I had never met you, I bet I'd feel some sorta weird kinship with you, just because you were so personable. Every time you laughed, I couldn't prevent a smile from creeping across my face.

Thanks for the great work!

(The only thing I haven't really enjoyed from the 2 releases are the cheese-zoid 'animated' menus. Maybe the designers are gearing for a younger age, but I would be even happier with something more tasteful and simple, ya know? A bit more understated. But, that's just me :)

Greg responds...

I kinda liked the menus myself. Maybe I'm just immature. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the kind words. We were having fun.

Response recorded on January 02, 2007