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Gabriel writes...

Hey Greg,
You asked for thoughts on the new DVD release. In short it's great to have so many eps on one release.
A few things that really impressed me:
The disk art is stunning- especially the Demona pick on disk one.
I love that while we couldn't get commentaries,Since budget,disk space and your personal time are issues, we still get episode intro's for all the eps.
Thanx for the spoiler alert in your intro to Outfoxed, turns out I knew the spoiler, but I really didn't remember the episode before I watched so that was cool.
The main menu's are also great- so much going on.

A few little things that could make it (or a future release) better
Chapter stops in the episodes
I prefer keep-case style packaging like season 1. All the artwork potential is cool on cardboard-plastic packaging, but I like the durablity of keepcase.
I realise those aren't content related, but the only content comment I would make is that it was a pity that Marina Sirtis or John Ryhs-Davies weren't on the CoS commetary (though I've heard report that Marina was asked but unavailble so you guys tried) Other than that I'm completely satisfied with the disks' content.

Really looking forward to S2 v2. Here's hoping for commentary on both "The Gathering" and "Hunter's Moon" (It's five eps like on the season 1 release) And I'd absolutly love to hear from Jonathan Frakes- Xanatos is still one of my all time favorite characters! Looking forward to seeing MIA, Golem, Future Tenses, and the one ep I've never seen Grief.

Thanx for reading
Keep up the good work
You're an insiration for those of us looking to do great things in the entertainment industry.


Greg responds...

Just to be clear, my "personal time" was never an issue regarding the commentaries. I would have donated as much time as necessary. It was all about budget. (Which also explains the lack of chapter stops.) And the budget was not my call.

Carol Wagner invited Marina and John and Jonathan and Keith and Salli to participate in the commentaries and extras. None, unfortunately, were available.

Response recorded on January 03, 2007