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Noah writes...

Re: The Season 2, Volume 1 DVD set.

One word: AWESOME! As a long-time Gargoyles fan who never got to see quite a few of the episodes (sigh...stupid Canadian TV) this set was a real treat. I received it as a Christmas gift and finished watching every episode within 3 days.

One of the best things about the DVDs (aside from the episodes themselves) was the episode introductions. This is something I've never seen before, and they were great! It's really interesting to hear, even briefly, about the thought that went into each and every episode. I enjoyed and appreciated them a lot more. Oh, and thanks for the spoiler warnings - I'd forgotten about a few plot twists and it was nice to have them as a surprise again!

For the next DVD release, I would heartily encourage you to do the intros again - make them a bit longer, if possible! The special feature with the cast and crew was also really neat.

Also, from a technical standpoint, I thought the DVDs were very well done - good menus and excellent picture and sound quality.

All in all, a fantastic release! I'm loaning out my Gargoyles DVDs to my friends to get them hooked as well. I'm looking forward to the next set! Thanks Greg for all your effort on the DVDs and here on the website too (which makes an excellent companion for the DVDs - I read your rambles and the memo(s) after each episode). Cheers,


Greg responds...

You're very welcome!

Response recorded on January 03, 2007