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Tim Grubbs writes...

First, of all, I apoligize in advance if this question has ever been asked, but I looked through the archives and wasn't sure where I could find out if the question had already been asked. It applies to a gargoyle that only appeared briefly in a flashback and then in the background as part of the Avalon Clan.

My question applies to a certain gargoyle tht was part of Demona's group during the 'City of Stone' flashbacks. He has horns and wears a metal shoulder pad that singles him out among the other members of Demona's survivors. I see a gargoyle with a very similar appearance (horns and shoulder pad) as part of the Avalon Clan (Avalon Part III) just before the final attack on Archmage and his allies.

My question is, is this supposed to be the same gargoyle? I've got a few theories about their connection. One is that somehow this gargoyle was taken to Avalon sometime during one of Tom's visits to check on Goliath's clan, though the dates wouldn't match (it would have been 50 years after the spell was cast, not 100 years, Tom's normal check-in period). Another is that it was simply an accident and you didn't mean for thgis random gargoyle to appear in the background of the Avalon Clan. I'm sure it was just a goof, but if it was intentional, then it sounds like an interesting story, especially if the armpad gargoyle found out Angela was Demona's daughter and told her about his former leader.

Either way, I hope you answer my question and I hope I didn't type my question incorrectly (according to the guidelines) and there isn't any problem answering it.

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

Which answer do you want? Obviously, we reused some model sheets, but it's also possible that a gargoyle who once visited or lived in Wyvern was part of Demona's gathered clan. That gargoyle mated with a female gargoyle at Wyvern, resulting in an egg that grew up looking remarkably similar to his biological father. Uh, how's that?

Response recorded on February 01, 2007