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Antiyonder (AKA Axem Gold) writes...

It was habit to type here as Axem Gold, so here's my current alias. It's based of:

Beyonder (from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars)
Anti-Monitor (from Crisis On Infinite Earths)

The idea to merge the names were based of a crossover Marvel and DC Comics did from 1995 to 1997 called Amalgam Comics. Ever read the Amalgam Comics? Anyway, on to the topic.

Given that you address a lot of the Gathering attendees as your enemies, do you have any Steel Clan robots or Grimorum spells to back up your comments? Just joking.

Greg responds...

Never read Amalgam, I'm afraid. Did it really start in '95? I didn't really stop reading comics regularly until '96, so it's odd that I would have misse the early issues...

Response recorded on March 09, 2007