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Charisma82 writes...

Hey again! Here's some questions about your comic book:

1. I have hear that you are planning on starting the comic books in the year you left off, in 1996. Are you going to speed up time somehow and make the comic book in our time? That's 10 (well, almost 11) years of stuff you have to fit into a few comics. I guess you could spread it out over a series of comic books. If you do that, how would you tackle that problem? That's asking in case you do move them forward, you might decide to keep the time stream back in the 90's, but that could get confusing to people who are just starting to read the comics and never saw the show. Anyways, if you could shed some light on that subject, it would be appreciated.

2. I purchased the first comic book online at amazon.com (I love that place!) I pre-ordered the second comic book sometime back in August. Amazon kept sending me e-mails each month since that time, telling me that the book still was not out yet. Finally, in December, it told me that they could not send me that comic book. What!? I was wondering if this was because you didn't have it out yet or if they are just not selling them on Amazon anymore. That would be stupid if they are not. Also, why is it taking so long to get the 2nd one out? I thought they were supposed to be a bi-monthly thing? Did something go wrong? Just curious.

Thank you for your time and efforts. They are appreciated.


Greg responds...

1. As I've stated before, the comic is currently set in 1996. I will move forward through time at a steady but not particularly speedy pace. Given that the book only comes out six times a year (knock wood) we may be in the 90s for a decade or so. ;) But the book will make an effort NOT to identify the year. It's all still vaguely contemporary. Real world history will play in on occasion, but I'll just live with that. Casual fans don't need to know the year the book is taking place in. Hardcore fans can always come here and I'll gladly reveal the date of any event depicted in the comics.

2. Yes, something went wrong. But we REALLY think the problem has been fixed. See the archives for more info. I'm not sure why Amazon told you they couldn't deliver it in December, since that's exactly when it DID become available.

Response recorded on March 09, 2007